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New H3C's leading information technology helps utility industries upgrade their levels of commercialization and automation. With its comprehensive product line and solutions for networking, security, servers, storage, cloud computing, big data, IoT and intelligent management centers, New H3C helps utility companies improve their production and management capabilities and increase the speed at which they can assimilate information.

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Solution for the Energy Internet

The energy Internet is a new form of energy industry development that deeply integrates Internet and energy production, transmission, storage, and consumption along with the energy market.

Solution for Smart Gas Station

It is imperative to construct a high security, high reliability and full service integrated information network for gas stations according to the existing service and the demand for future service.

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Cloud Platform Construction for A Large Power Enterprise

An enormous electric power company, which has constructed the largest power transmission and distribution network in the world, has very high requirements for the safety, stability and controllability of its operational systems, and is very cautious in the application of new technologies.

New H3C Drives Digital Transformation of A Large Enterprise

The customer began research into SDN-related technologies and products in 2013 alongside New H3C, and some provincial power companies have already put SDN technology into practice.

Data Center Construction for Large Petrochemical Enterprises

The service planning of a traditional data center is region-based. An IP address is often divided into Pods, and the same service is deployed in Pod network segments.